Global Protection Corp, founded in 1988, is a leading condom distributor and manufacturer with a wide variety of brands and product offerings.

Launched by GPC in 2004, ONE® Condoms brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of creativity, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE works with customers, artists, and advocates to inspire people to make a difference in their communities. 

Serving as the in-house designer at GPC has allowed me to utilize my creative skills for a cause that I am passionate about. As a member of a small team, I am constantly strengthening my organizational skills and honing my ability to self-manage my projects. Occasionally, my responsibilities fall outside the scope of my role as a designer and I am willing to do what is needed to ensure the success of the team.

Packaging and Photography

As I am beholden to the Product Development and Marketing departments, I see package production through layout, quality assurance checks, preflight, proofing, and finally photography. The ONE packaging consists mainly of folded carton, flexible plastic shrink sleeves, and cardboard shipping cases. Condoms are highly regulated in the United States (Class II Medical Device) and abroad, so one of my responsibilities is to make sure our packaging conforms to the requirements for each region. With a 10 year old DSLR and a makeshift studio and no lighting, I must photograph all of our finished products for our e-commerce sites, social media, and marketing materials. 

Educational & Marketing Materials

Social Media

Pokémon Day on the Boston Common

During the hype around Pokémon GO, trainers from all over Eastern Massachusetts descended upon the Boston Common for a day of catching Pokémon and gym battles. We joined in by turning our condom carrying cases into Poké Balls and providing a step-by-step DIY how-to on our blog so fans could make their own.

Additional Skills & Responsibilities

Customer Service Chat (Tidio) and Phone Support for myONE, Shopify orders backend, MailChimp email design, Powerpoint presentations. I'm happy to wear many hats, but only metaphorical ones, real hats always look silly on me.

American Dad

General TBS

For parents who see a whole future unfold in the tiniest of gestures, it is never too early to save for your child's education.
Featured in the Communication Arts Advertising Gallery.


Online Video



Jesse Saler, art director
Laura LeBel/Jason Piroth, associate creative directors
Rob Kerr, executive creative director
Jill Greenberg, photographer
Emily Barrow, agency producer
Bright Red\TBWA, ad agency
Florida Prepaid College Board, client

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