Modern Calligraphy with a Content Warning


Casualigraphy is all about giving zero fucks while actually caring way too much.  Unlike the prim and Instagram ready calligraphers out there, Casualigraphy is messy and known to ugly cry in public. Topics stay mostly in the realms of feminist stuff, queer stuff, poly stuff, and stuff about tacos. TACOS!



The items available at my booth would be classified as calligraphy based ephemera. These range from bookmarks to "plant pins" to greeting cards. I do intend to, eventually, offer these items for sale online. In the meantime, some of my designs are available on Society6 and Redbubble, linked above under "For Sale".

On-the-Spot Calligraphy


If your feels have not been adequately expressed, request something that suits. I always have an absurd number of pens on hand and sometimes even my watercolors. Also, it's fun to watch.

Vending Dates: