All Feels, Zero Chill


Casualigraphy is modern calligraphy for the swipe right generation. For expressing your feels with no chill whatsoever.  For days when you literally can't even. For your Tinderella, even if you maybe aren't a thing, but maybe you should get them a card. All that awkwardness! Queer stuff, poly stuff, and stuff about tacos. TACOS!



The items available at my booth would be classified as calligraphy based ephemera. These range from bookmarks to "plant pins" to greeting cards. I do intend to, eventually, offer these items for sale online. In the meantime, I'll slowly be adding items to Society6, so check that out!

On-the-Spot Calligraphy


If your feels have not been adequately expressed, request something that suits. I always have an absurd number of pens on hand and sometimes even my watercolors. Also, it's fun to watch.

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