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Shower thought from redditor u/KMNFR on Shower Thoughts and some subsequent comments.

Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash and modified.

Quick and Dirty Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards

Queer/poly/taco friendly cards to print at home. After you print your design, fold in half horizontally, then fold in half vertically. Now you have a card. What you say on the inside is up to you. It better be super sweet because your lack of effort here is pretty obvious!

I like your butt

Folding Card / Graphic Only

I'm glad I meta you

Folding Card / Graphic Only

You're not tacos…

Folding Card / Graphic Only

These graphics and cards are totally free to download and modify. However, I request: credit be given when possible, do not pass my work off as your own, and do not sell these graphics. And I would not say no to donations for my efforts. :)